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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
"...without your glasses, you just plain can't see
your favorite color for the most part is green
you're close to your grandma on your mother's side
you can count up on one hand the times you have lied
you won't eat a tomato on a double dog dare
you don't think you're a beauty, but you do like your hair
you're complex and tricky, yet some ways you're not
you're up some, you're down some
you're cold and you're hot..." -like me, chely wright

I don’t have the sense of smell

I have gotten cloning offers from 5 different people

I much prefer solo artists to bands

I am scared of lie detector tests, and not because I lie frequently

I don’t like having my back to open areas

I thoroughly enjoy cleaning the lint filter in the dryer

I hate karate movies

I love singing loudly

I used to play the hand bells and sing in the church choir

I don’t drink beer

I hardly ever go to bed before 5 am

I don’t feel comfortable using pet names

I am from Pittsburgh, and I cannot stand Pittsburgese

I spend roughly $1,000 per year at My grand total so far is in the $7,000 range at this point. I think I'm topping off there, though, because...

I have a subscription to both Netflix instant streaming and Hulu plus.

If I were to make a list of my five best friends, the first three would be people and the last two would be television and Captain Morgan.

I have a legitimate addiction to certain female celebrities

I would probably die from loneliness if Michael Quigley had never been born

I know how to fix toilets

I enjoy meeting famous people.

Broadway divas are my crack

I proposed to Julia Murney on 3/7/07. Shortly thereafter, she referred to me as her fiancee. I take that as a yes.

when i'm frustrated or just angry, i listen to dmx. or i punch things. or both

also, when i'm in a bad mood, it helps to go driving and belt showtunes

sometimes i randomly start typing everything in lowercase.

i compulsively 'ship couples on tv shows: alex/oliva, jane/maura, leslie/ben, dwight/angela. it's a serious obsession.

i have an addiction to baja blast from taco bell.

my current favorite person changes frequently, but the most recent ones have been: elizabeth mitchell, stephanie march, allison janney, angie harmon, sasha alexander, amy poehler, connie britton, terri clark, and valerie harper

Speaking of that, I feel I should mention that my ideal partner is probably in their 50s, which means that more-than-likely, I will never be in a satisfying relationship

I definitely should have been alive in the 60s.

Basically, I want to be BFFs with Lily Tomlin and Valerie Harper.

I have an unnatural fangirly obsession with several TV show characters.

Case in point: ZOMG!ALEX CABOT!!!YAY!!!1!

I can thrive and bloom living life in a living room.

i'm frequently hopped up on supercool.

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